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Economics of Implementing Two-Stage Channels

Two-stage channels are an alternative design for the open channel system. The two-stage channel design is a more sustainable approach to surface drain…


Two-Stage Ditch Case Study: Cessna Creek – Warmbroad Ditch

Warmbroad ditch is a small, headwater tributary to Cessna Creek and Blanchard River. The channel was modified to increase storage capacity and reduce …


Building Better Ditches

Drainage has been important to agriculture in the Great Lakes for a long time. Options for re-establishing flood plains have been developed to help cr…


Phosphorus Transport in Agricultural Subsurface Drainage a Review

Phosphorus loss from agriculture dense areas has been an important water quality issue for decades. Work has been conducted to better understand the m…


Cover Crops Conservation

Crops such as cereal rye, oats, winter wheat and many other species are planted to temporarily protect the ground from wind and water erosion and supp…


No Till Conservation

Crop residue prevents soil erosion, protects water quality, improves soil tilth and adds organic matter to the soil as it decomposes. When soil is lef…


Blind Inlet Conservation

A blind inlet, also known as a French drain, is a structure that is placed in the lowest point of farmed depressions or potholes to minimize the amoun…


Benefits of Strip Tillage and Subsurface Nutrient Application

Prior to 2016, the Kelloggs planted most of their crops with conventional tillage. They decided to change to strip tillage to reduce fieldwork and imp…


Saturated Buffer Conservation

Dr. Stephen Jacquemin of Wright State University introduces Saturated Buffer research in Ohio. There are only a few dozen Saturated Buffers across the…


Manure Application During Growing Season

Experimenting with corn planted into a cover crop with manure applied to one field in the Fall and one during the growing season.…


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