Stateler Farm family

Conservation is important to the future of our family farm operations because we rely on the ground. We can’t go out and purchase new ground, so it’s been valuable to us that we protect and preserve what we already have.”

- Duane Stateler, Stateler Family Farms

McComb, Ohio

1,000 acres corn, soybeans and wheat

7,200-head swine operation

9 conservation practices


Located in McComb, Ohio, Stateler Farm is owned and operated by Duane and Anthony Stateler. They farm corn, soybeans and wheat on approximately 1,000 acres in Hancock County and also operate a 7,200-head wean-to-finish swine operation. The Statelers have committed their entire farm acreage to the Blanchard River Demonstration Farms Network.

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Management Practices

Main Practices Implemented

Animal Mortality Composting Facility

Cover Crops

Edge-of-Field Monitoring

Home Septic System Replacement

Nutrient Management

Variable Rate Manure Application

Wetland with Pollinator Habitat


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Stateler Interview