With the help of demonstration farm sites, we’re able to study and showcase the impact of current and new on-farm conservation practices on water quality and nutrient management. 

These Ohio farm families rely on the land, striving to sustainably take care of the soil for future generations to come. They’re also helping to protect the water quality of our streams, rivers and lakes. Research conducted on these sites and the data collected helps other farmers implement their own management practices.

The Demo Farms have been a hub for scientific, reliable and first-hand information about conservation measures available to farmers and landowners. The goal is to show how clean water and productive agriculture can coexist through on-farm tours, producer field days and off-farm presentations.

Meet the Farmers

Meet the farmers and farming practices that are making a difference in Ohio water quality.

McComb, Ohio

1,000 acres corn, soybeans and wheat

7,200-head swine operation

8 conservation practices


Dunkirk, Ohio

470 acres corn and soybeans

10 conservation practices



Forest, Ohio

5,000 acres corn and soybeans

8 conservation practices



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