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Federal and State Conservation Programs in Northwest Ohio

Find a program to help you reach your land management and conservation goals. …


Steeling Phosphorus: An Update on Blind Inlet Conservation

Chad Penn, a research soil scientist with the USDA-ARS, is evaluating the water quality effects of using steel slag, a byproduct from steel manufactur…


Conservation Practice Economic Impact Calculator

Evaluate the economic impact of installing a wetland or other land conservation program will have on an individual field.…


Fall vs In-Crop Manure Application Economic Return Calculator

Use this spreadsheet tool to compare economic returns and nutrient use from liquid manure applied in the fall versus in-crop application to standing c…


Mortality Composting Facilities FAQs

Producers can meet waste management and natural resource goals by utilizing the animal mortality composting facility practice to turn waste into an en…


Phosphorus Loss Risk Assessment

Complete this chart using your soil test results to determine the risk category and what practices you can utilize to minimize loss. Source: USDA-NRCS…


From the Ground Up: Constructing an Animal Mortality Composting Facility

Creating an optimal environment in which microorganisms can convert organic material into compost that can be used as a soil amendment or fertilizer r…


2 Reasons to Seal Abandoned Water Wells

Abandoned or unused water wells can be found almost anywhere: on farms, industrial sites, and in urban areas. You may be able to easily spot a water w…


Ep. 31: Indigo Ag

On this episode of Field Day with Jordan Hoewischer, we talk with Mike Thompson and Bryan Randell from Indigo Ag on their carbon programs available fo…


Reducing Nutrient and Sediment Loss: Part 4

Research shows that phosphorus is leaving the farm via water, through both surface and subsurface runoff. Implementing practices that slow, stop and/o…


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