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Part I: Practices to Optimize Nitrogen Fertilizer in Corn Production

How to manage the risks associated with Nitrogen fertilizer application in a corn crop using 4R management practices.…


Blanchard River Demonstration Farms Network Welcomes New Program Manager, Kirk Reese

Kirk Reese brings an abundance of experience in the agricultural industry to his new role as the program manager of Blanchard River Demonstration Farm…


Northwest Ohio Farmers Implement Subsurface Nutrient Placement On Their Farms

With on-field research in hand, several farmers in northwest Ohio are using funding from both the H2Ohio water quality initiative and Natural Resource…


Legacy Phosphorus

Significant research and conservation efforts are ongoing across the greater Western Lake Erie Basin to develop and implement strategies to reduce nut…


Saturated Buffers in Northwest Ohio: Reducing Field Drainage for Improved Water Quality

A saturated buffer is an edge-of-field conservation practice that is intended to remove nitrate and other potential nutrients from subsurface field ti…


Subsurface Nutrient Placement with Kevin Thierry

Kevin Thierry of Fulton County Ohio explains the mechanics and setup of his strip-till equipment outfitted with a fertilizer tank to fulfill his needs…


Subsurface Nutrient Placement with Austin Heil

Wanting to place fertilizer when and where needed most, Austin Heil of Heil Farms in Hardin County, Ohio, retrofitted his own equipment to be able to …


Subsurface Nutrient Placement with Layman Farms

Jan Layman of Layman Farms in Hardin County, Ohio discusses the equipment used for subsurface nutrient placement and what they’ve found to be th…


Sealing Abandoned Water Wells

Sealing Abandoned Water Wells Abandoned or unused water wells can be found almost anywhere: on farms, industrial sites, and in urban areas. While they…


Interseeding Cover Crops

Early-Season Cover Crop Interseeding Cover crop interseeding is a management practice used to plant cover crops into growing cash crops like corn and …


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